January 31, 2014

You don't need a powerfull machine to mine Bitcoins nor you need to install any software or invest money. There are many trusty and reliable websites that allow you to earn Bitcoins for free by taking surveys, completing tasks, visiting websites, watching videos and more. Here are some of them:

This is a great starting website for crptocurrenices. You just need to register and you will receive 0.00000250 Bitcoins , 0.00007671 Litecoins and 0.00604838 FeatherCoins on your account. Furthermore, a very small ammount of coins will be added to your account automatically every single day between 1am and 3am UTC. That ammount multiplies by how many referrals you have. The referral system goes 7 levels deep.
Minimum payout: 0.00005500 BTC

Great crowedsourced website where you earn Bitcoins by watching videos, completing tasks and special offers.
Minimum payout: 60 µBTC (within 24 hours after request)

Earn Bitcoins once per hour just by typing captcha. If you feel lucky, you can try to multiply your winnings. The chance of winning and doubling ammount of Bitcoins is fairly high but be careful not to gamble all your balance away.
Minimum payout: 0.00005460 BTC every Sunday
Payment proof: Payout 1, Payout 2, Payout 3, Payout 4, Payout 5, Payout 6, Payout 7, Payout 8
I share Bitcoins with my referrals - Join under me and get extra Bitcoins!
Freebitco.in allows users to share Bitcoins with their referrals so if you join under me as my referral, you will be getting extra Bitcoins as long as you are active.

This site gives away Bitcoins all day. You enter your Bitcoin address and then you can learn something about Bitcoins by reading trivia. But honestly, you need to just keep the site open in the background and once the timer reaches the needed value, you can claim your coins. You earn Bitcoins based on how long you have the site opened. At first it rewards you with huge ammount of Satoshi per minute but the ammount of coins per minute will start to drop and most of the time you will earn 10 Satoshi per minute. But you cannot just have it open all day because it is devided into short earning sessions and once in a while you will need to click "Done". One of the easiest ways to earn fair ammount of Bitcoins.You can reach minimum payout in day and a half.
Payment proof: Payout 1, Payout 2

You can monetize links with this URL shortener. Ideal for bloggers or website owners.

BTC Clicks
Classic PTC formula with a Bitcoin twist. There are a lot of ads to click every day for a little ammount of Bitcoins. You have an option to upgrade your account and double your earnings. You can also rent referrals.
Minimum payout: 0.1 mBTC (within 24 hours)
Payment proof: Payout 1, Payout 2, Payout 3, Payout 4, Payout 5, Payout 6, Payout 7, Payout 8, Payout 9, Payout 10, Payout 11, Payout 12

This Bitcoin PTC has highest ammount per click and nice clean site design but there aren't that many ads to click.
Minimum payout: 0.15 mBTC (within a week)
Payements proof: Payout 1, Payout 2, Payout 3, Payout 4, Payout 5, Payout 6, Payout 7, Payout 8, Payout 9, Payout 10, Payout 11

Bit visitor pays you for visiting websites, showing each for 5 minutes (you can let it run in the background tab). You will have to type captcha between surfing websites.
Minimum payout: 550 uBTC (pays hourly)